Aktualność: Tax advisers' support for Ukrainian refugees

Fellow tax advisers
The Polish Tax advisors are requesting your assistance to support the Ukrainian war refugees in Poland and Ukrainians in their homeland. By acting together, we are able to help more! Please help us to help here on the ground. The time is of essence. We have over 700k refugees (mainly women, children and the elderly) here by now in Poland and more are coming.
Your money will be used by thee National Chamber of Tax Advisors and the National Foundation of Tax Advisors to:
- assist with the transportation from the borders, accommodation, food supply, medical treatment and all other forms of help to the refugees in Poland, 
- support the purchase and shipment of medical supplies to Ukraine.
So far we have been coordinating and supporting Polish tax advisers - volunteers who provide the Ukrainian refugees with 
- a roof over their heads at their homes and
- transportation from the border to safe accommodation. We want to do more and this is why we ask you for help.
PLEASE DONATE to the account of our National Foundation of the Polish Tax Advisors:
IBAN: PL+ the account number below
the title "Ukraine"
👉 EUR 47 1020 2498 0000 8102 0742 5558
👉 USD 81 1020 2498 0000 8602 0742 5574
👉 GBP 76 1020 2498 0000 8802 0742 5566
👉 PLN 82 1020 2313 0000 3102 0421 1173 
All contributions will be allocated to support our Ukrainian neighbours to survive this horrid time.
To the Ukrainian tax advisors - please get in touch with us at email: dp.wolontariatukraine@op.pl should you need help. More details (in Polish for now) on our website https://kidp.pl/strona/3597_ukraina
National Council of Tax Advisors

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